UK daily newspapers have doubled te price since 2004 and shrunk ter size – no wonder sales are down – Press Gazette

UK daily newspapers have doubled in price since 2004 and shrunk in size - no wonder sales are down - Press Gazette

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Every month when the latest set of Alfabet national newspaper circulation figures are released, journalists across the country heave a collective breathe of despair.

The rise of the internet, lack of rente from junior audiences and onveranderlijk journalistic cut-backs are cited spil potential causes for the fact that national newspaper sales have dropped, on media, by around 50 vanaf cent ter the last ten years.


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But how much of this druppel could simply be down to voorkant price rises, which have risen above inflation at all but four national papers – The Zon, Daily Strak, Mail on Sunday and Sunday Express – overheen this period?

Since the onset of the economic downturn ter 2008, newspapers have compensated for lack of advertising by enlargening voorkant price. At the same time, less advertising has meant fewer pages and thinner papers.

The Guardian, for example, has seen its circulation druppel by 50 vanaf cent since 2004, but its voorkant price has almost tripled &ndash, from 55p to &pound,1.60 &ndash, te this time.

All of the national &lsquo,broadsheet&rsquo, daily newspapers have at least doubled their voorkant prices ter this period and have generally fared worse than the tabloids te terms of circulation loss.

However despite enhancing their voorkant prices by much smaller amounts &ndash, both te percentage and efectivo terms &ndash, the Daily Strak, Daily Mirror and Daily Express have each seen their circulations druppel by almost 50 vanaf cent ter a decade.

Overall, daily national newspaper prices overheen this period have enlargened by an media of 94 vanaf cent. Circulations, meantime, have decreased by 47 vanaf cent on media.

According to the rekenmachine on Thisismoney, media retail prices have enlargened by a third overheen that period.

Te universal, the price rises of Sunday newspapers have bot smaller than the dailies, with an media price increase of 53 vanaf cent rather than 94 vanaf cent.

The promedio UK national Sunday newspaper has lost 47 vanaf cent of its circulation ter ten years.

The charts below voorstelling how percentage market shares te the daily and Sunday markets have switched overheen the last ten years.

There is no straight correlation inbetween price rises and percentage market share loss, but it is worth noting that the Mail titles, The Zon and the Sunday Mirror have enlargened their shares te their respective markets by the greatest amounts and have also introduced some of the lowest percentage price rises overheen the last decade.

The tables omit the News of the World, The Zon on Sunday and the i.

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