GDAX exchange review

GDAX exchange review

GDAX (Integral Digital Asset Exchange) is one of the largest, well-known professional exchanges te the world. Based ter San Francisco, United States, GDAX is the professional exchange behind the well-known user-friendly webpagina, Coinbase. It offers 0% maker fees when limit orders are placed, additionally they pay any fees for sending Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency elsewhere – the only service to suggest this!

Spil the exchange is marketed purely at professionals they offerande margin trading te select markets and API access to all users. Extra features include limit orders (0% toverfee), free withdrawal of any cryptocurrencies to anywhere (they pay the transaction fees) and effortless account creation if you already own a Coinbase account.

The interface is fairly straightforward spil it doesn’t contain a thick amount of features. It is best viewed on desktop spil at this time they do not have a dedicated mobile app, however their webpagina is mobile-friendly if you need to check prices or place a trade.

Spil they are part of Coinbase they suggest free transfers of cryptocurrency or fiat funds inbetween Coinbase and the verhoging and transfers are instantaneous. Additionally, they suggest CSV uitvoer of past trades, API access to third-party services (such spil charting instruments, trading bots, etc)

GDAX trading interface

GDAX trading interface with trading pairs shown

They suggest a petite number of trading pairs, spil of early 2018 they were:

The only verdadero downside to the toneel is the trading interface doesn’t offerande any indicators, you’ll have to use another charting interface if you want to use indicators for technical analysis.

Support services are the same spil provided by Coinbase, so can be kasstuk and miss during very busy periods. Additionally, the podium is generally very stable but does suffer from outages during large market spikes.

Te November 2018 the verhoging published the GDAX Digital Asset Framework which lists the factors they consider when listing fresh cryptocurrencies on their exchange spil part of them being more see-through.

Overall, GDAX is our recommended professional cryptocurrency exchange for people converting funds to or from fiat/cryptocurrency via canap transfers, due to the low thresholds, puny taker fees and fee-free cryptocurrency transfers.

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  1. BellaMarie says:

    Yes, I will do a celebratory dance ter vuurlijn of the idiots who repeated the same misinformation on this thread. Again, simply because a financial company warns people ahead of time of potential misconduct does not eliminate the liability.

  2. Nina says:

    But what they did not say at the commence that they are going to kwestie them very late, at the early 2018, which is pretty bad spil the price is most likely going to be much lower by then.

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