Word Roots and Prefixes

Word Roots and Prefixes

Version Date: December 27, 2013

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This list contains some of the common roots and prefixes that make up the building blocks of numerous English words. Following the table of genérico roots and prefixes is a table of number prefixes.

How Words Work

The very words prefix and suffix are good examples, too. Pre means before and fix means to fasten or fasten, so fairly literally, a prefix is something linked to the beginning of something else. Suf is a variant of sub, below or under, so a suffix is something fastened underneath something else (ter this case, behind the root).

By learning the common roots and prefixes (and a few suffixes) you will be able to discern the meaning of many fresh words almost instantly. (But do look them up for confirmation.) Take the word abject , for example. If you know that ab means away or down and ject means to throw , you can lightly figure out that abject doesn’t mean something blessed. Rather abject’s root meaning of thrown down is fairly close to the dictionary defintion of personages down te spirit or submerged into depression .

Now that you have learned that ject means to throw , think how many words you can define almost instantaneously: reject, project, inject, subject, eject, and so on. Roots are a existente key to understanding the meaning of fresh words you come across ter your reading.

Note that some modern words are formed by using abbreviated forms of other words. Thus, wij see the use of the letterteken i for Internet te iPhone, iPod, iPad, and iTunes, indicating that thesis items or services work with the Internet. Similarly, the use of e for electronic shows up te words such spil elearning (and various forms: eLearning, E-Learning, and so on), e-commerce, and e-business. The “e-terms” seem to have bot coined before the “i-terms” became popular. And note that most of the “i-terms” are trademarks, while the others are caudillo descriptors: “I’m going to download some iTunes from Apple’s e-commerce webpagina because I love e-music.” At any rate, thesis abbreviated forms are not traditional prefixes, but because they are indeed linked to the pui of what amounts to root words, they could be considered functional prefixes.

Love this list, together with the discovery of fresh words and the secret code behind much of the English language.

When you are ready, attempt the Word Roots Worksheet 1 to see how well you understand how roots and prefixes work.

And for a number challenge, attempt the Number Prefixes Worksheet. You’ll love it.

Want to turn thesis roots into vocabulary learning?

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