I am missing a $40, 000 wire deposit transfer Two months ago from Coinbase

I am missing a $40, 000 wire deposit transfer 2 months ago from Coinbase

I submitted a wire transfer to Coinbase/GDAX on October 30th for the amount of $40,000. I needed the money transferred the next day so when I didn’t receive it, I talent a call to Metropolitan Commercial Canap(The handelsbank I wired the money to according to the GDAX wire deposit informatie) and they told mij because of a memo punt, the wire deposit will be refunded back to mij ter 3-5 business days.

After that I said &quot,Well okay, I’ll just redo another transfer and wait for this one to comeback.&quot, So for the 2nd transfer, it actually didn’t go through again because of canap informatie kwestie and wasgoed instantaneously refunded back to mij the next day. After waiting 1 week for the very first deposit, it did not arrive back to my canap.

I contacted the handelsbank again and they told mij that wire deposits at this time may be delayed due to the influx of users lately, and if I just wait for up to a month since initial transfer I should get the funds back to my account without having to do a recall.

Quick forward a few more weeks zometeen, I still did not receive my funds. At this point I already sent a support toegangsbewijs to Coinbase, emailed them at their wire transfer email, and called numerous times but the phone support is like nonexistent. I’m permanently on hold and it just eventually suspends up.

I wasgoed told by the canap to just do a recall from my handelsbank and so I did that. A few days straks I contacted the Metropolitan canap and they told mij the recall message is already received by Coinbase and they just have to send the funds back because right now it’s pretty much sitting ter a contorno. A duo more weeks of phone calling, emailing, support tickets, twitter messaging, I still have not received my $40,000 initial deposit.

This is a serious kwestie and I actually posted ter /legaladvice recently looking for what’s the next step I should take. It’s a loterijlot of money and the no voeling is indeed scary to mij.

I’d truly appreciate it if you guys can upvote for visibility and hopefully someone from Coinbase can see this and help mij resolve the punt. #3218357

Edit: I have all the necessary informatie such spil Wire Transfer Receipt, Recall Message Letterteken, and talent them screenshots of everything via Email but still have not gotten a response on the kwestie.

Edit #Two: Still nothing so far. I will keep you guys posted

Yes I am also missing a $27,000 wire reversal still and it’s bot overheen 1 month. I made a Reddit postbode about it a duo weeks ago, if anyone remembers. Hopefully wij get our money..

You seem so casual about it. If I wasgoed missing $27,000 I’d be having a meltdown.

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3 Responses

  1. ShellyL says:

    But what they did not say at the embark that they are going to kwestie them very late, at the early 2018, which is pretty bad spil the price is very likely going to be much lower by then.

  2. 2peas says:

    Well they talent us a month long warning “If you want to access BTH, stir your coins” so the onus is on us. Maybe wij Coin Colchoneta’rs get an Xmas present. ( BTH is up 30% spil I write this)

  3. Dafna says:

    I think this is a fine case probe moving forward when other coins split, even however I didn’t support Bcash I did want everyone to have to capability to access their rightful tokens. The argument now is everyone should be responsible for their deeds and Coinbase laid out their project of act weeks ahead of the hardfork. However I recall when Poloniex had to zekering serving residents te one state and many of those members never got an email or warning when logging on the webpagina. I’ll keep an eye out on the story even I don’t know who’s right or wrong on this one.

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