How to Buy Ripple (XRP)

How to Buy Ripple (XRP)

The cryptocurrency market is very volatile and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Ripple (XRP) has seen an explosive amount of growth recently. The coin wasgoed valued at 25 cents each ter early December and now the value harshly $1.51 according to coinmarketcap. It’s not too late to get ter the spel and for those of you who are wanting to leap te and rail the profits. This quick and effortless guide is going to showcase you how to buy Ripple.

I’m going to assume you already have Bitcoin te Coinbase or another wallet. If you don’t, you will need to buy Bitcoin very first. It’s cheaper and lighter to buy Bitcoin and transfer it to Ripple than to buy Ripple with metselspecie. Click HERE to learn how to buy Bitcoin.

This guide is going to be written on how to buy Ripple when you have Bitcoin te Coinbase. Most people have their Bitcoin te Coinbase and the toneelpodium is lighter to navigate so that’s why I’m writing this guide for Coinbase users.

Coinbase is a wallet, not an exchange that’s why you can’t purchase Ripple from Coinbase so you will need to transfer your funds to GDAX

GDAX is an exchange for trading cryptocurrencies. GDAX is wielded by Coinbase. So if you have a Coinbase account (you should if you’re using my guide) simply use your Coinbase credentials to loom ter to GDAX. No need to create a fresh account.

Very first, sign ter to GDAX.

Merienda you loom te to GDAX you see this:

After that, an option to choose where you withdraw your Bitcoin will speelgoedpop up. Click “Coinbase Account”. Choose the amount you want to transfer from Coinbase to GDAX. The process may take a few minutes.

Merienda your funds clear and they are te your GDAX account, you can now trade your Bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies. Unluckily, GDAX doesn’t permit the trading of Ripple, so wij will need to transfer funds to Binance.

You can trade your funds directly from Coinbase to Binance but the transfer fees are very high. This is the only reason I suggest using GDAX very first.

Go to

Copy the BTC Deposit address. I posted mine here because it’s public, but never postbode your PRIVATE KEY.

Loom back into GDAX.

Click on Withdraw on the left. The screen below will show up.

Then click “BTC Address” under Withdraw funds.

Inject the address from the Binance pagina you just copied under “Destination” and then come in the amount you want to transfer.

Now that you have Bitcoin te your Binance account, you can buy Ripple.

Click “Exchange” ter the top left of the menukaart te Binance. Search for Ripple (XRP) and buy however much you want with the Bitcoin ter your account by placing an order!

That’s it. Good luck and have joy!

How do you project on investing ter cryptocurrency? Comment below.

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  1. cantwait says:

    Your BCH is now te your Coin Saco account, and if they did it for safety like they say I’m fine with it. Now that the Largest Brokerage is supporting BCH wij will see a big dump ? or a slow Pump ?

  2. DecemberMysteryMama says:

    Coinbase should take this spil a learning practice going forward.

  3. Melanie21 says:

    Welp, it looks like Coinbase is going to credit the BCS after all the complaints from people who didn’t take their funds out ter time. People are indeed fortunate that they are doing this.

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