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CryptoPrice - Live Market Analysis Platform

Market Analysis Verhoging

Most Rated, Clean and Stijlvol Vormgeving

Thrust Notifications and More

What is CryptoPrice

We’ve built a podium

so you can trade with confidence

CryptoPrice is a unique verhoging for the future of cryptocurrency market analysis.

While existing platforms suggest market charts and live prices, CryptoPrice’s unrivaled multitude of features and technical analysis contraptions, offers a edge the other platforms just don’t have. Some of our famous features are below.

  • Responsive Market Charts
  • Ten+ Trading Indicators
  • 2-FA Security
  • Mobile/Tablet Thrust Notifications
  • Live Cryptocurrency Heatmap
  • GDAX Trading
  • Cryptocurrency News AIO
  • 2100+ Cryptocurrencies
Why Our Verhoging

Competitive Advantage

Wij are proud to introduce CryptoPrice, a Verhoging that will have you trading with confidence. Below are Three Key points about our toneelpodium.

Cryptocurrency At Heart

Our toneel is specifically designed to track the price of cryptocurrency tokens.

Effortless Trading Integration

With our toneel you can lightly and securely enable GDAX Trading.

Universal System Alerts

With our toneel you can specifically set signal alerts for the tokens of your choice, Thrust notifications for Mobile,Tablet and PC


Prices & Features

Below are CryptoPrice Prices and a ter depth look at the extensive features of the podium.

Ten+ Techinal Analysis Indicators

Exponential Moving Media (EMA)

Ordinary Moving Media (SMA)

Bollinger Bands (BBands)

Promedio True Range (ATR)

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

Commodity Channel Index (CCI)

Rate of Switch (ROC)

Promedio Directional Index (ADX)

Overheen 2100+ Cryptocurrencies

Digital Metselspecie – (DASH)

Bitcoin Metselspecie – (BCH)

Bitcoin Gold – (BTG)

Stellar Lumens – (XLM)

Thrust Notifications

All Thrust Notfications Are Sent Thru The PushBullet App

Heatmap With Fiat/Crypto Pairing
News AIO On Toneel

View the latest cryptocurrency news right on the toneelpodium from all the trusted sources.

GDAX Trading & 2-FA Security

Trade with GDAX right on the podium, securely and securely. With our toneel you can set up 2-FA and secure your account with Google Authenticator.

Next Toneel Update

1 Month Subscription

1 Year Subscription


CryptoPrice ICO Token

Check out the progress of our ICO Below

March 2018

Begin of the ICO Crypto Toneel Development.

April 2018

Embark of the Prep for the White Paper

October 2018

More Informatie Coming Soon

November 2018

More Informatie Coming Soon

January 2019

More Informatie Coming Soon

March 2019

More Informatie Coming Soon

May 2019

More Informatie Coming Soon

September 2019

More Informatie Coming Soon


CryptoPrice Mobile

Below is some information about our Mobile Verhoging and Free Market Tracker App

You can now access CryptoPrices Premium Toneelpodium right ter your Mobile Browser! For Our CryptoPrice Free Verhoging you can download our app on the Google Play store today. Below are some features of both our platforms!

  • Thrust Notfications
  • Live Cryptocurrency Charts
  • Actual Time Crytpo News
  • Active Market History
  • Designed with the Cryptocurrency trader te mind

CryptoPrice Team

The CryptoPrice Team combines a passion for exports, industry expertise & proven record te finance, development, marketing & licensing.


Scott Kaleita

Self Made, Well experienced and a award-winning tycoon. Faithful leader with a proven track record for translating ingewikkeld ideas into efficient, effective campaigns.

Scott Kaleita has bot te the Cryptocurrency toneel since the early days of 2013. He has overseen and inspired interdisciplinary teams, both spil an official in-house go-to fellow and A-list business hotshot.


Larisa Smith

Senior Director of Digital Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided information about our Paid and Free platforms. If you have any other questions, please get ter touch using the voeling form below.

What is CryptoPrice?

CryptoPrice is a company that offers contraptions to pedagogo and track overheen 2200+ Cryptocurrencies. With our contraptions you will be able to trade with confidence.

How can i purchase a subscription?

You can purchase a subscription by clicking the sign up button on the top of this web pagina. It will redirect you to our verhoging webpagina where you will need to sign up. Merienda you have signed up you can navigate to the subscriptions tabulator via your profile on the verhoging.

How do I acess the Free Toneelpodium?

CryptoPrice offers a free market charts and live prices you can access our free podium here

Are you guys on Social Media?

Yes wij are on Social Media. You can go after us on Facebook,Twitter,Instagram spil well spil Telegram & LinkedIn. Go after us for all the latest Cryptocurrency news and updates on our Free & Premium Verhoging. Check out our Cryptocurrency store for Anything Crypto Merch.

How do i set up shove notifications?

You can set up Thrust Notifications on our toneelpodium by navigating to the Notification Tabulator ter your User Profile. Merienda you open the tabulator go after the instructions on how to set up Via PushBullet. Thrust Notifications are available on your Mobile Device/Tablet & Laptop.

How do i set up 2-FA?

Setting up 2-FA spil goes after. Navagate to your User Profile. Merienda ter your user profile click on the Security Tabulator. Download Google Authenticator on your Mobile Device or Tablet and scan the QR Code Listed. Your 2-FA Codes will be listed ter Google Authenticator spil username/

How do i set up GDAX Trading?

To Set up GDAX Trading on the Verhoging Proceed to your Profile and click on the GDAX Tabulator. Click on Configure GDAX and inject your information. You will then be able to trade with GDAX via the Market pagina.

How do i set up Blockfolio?

To set up your Blockfolio Navagate to the Pagina on the sidebar. Merienda on the Blockfolio pagina click on the white button that says “Add a fresh voorwerp” There you will be able to select from overheen 2100+ Cryptocurrencies. Select the coins that you are activly trading to profesor them all ter one location.

How can i acess the Free Verhoging?

You can access the CryptoPrice Free toneelpodium by navigating to merienda there you will be able to observe all Cryptocurrency prices with generic graphs. Our free verhoging offers many features. If you would like to use our premium features please sign up for our Paid Podium by navigating to

Where can i download the Free CryptoPrice App?

For our Free Podium CryptoPrice offers a Downloadable app that you can download on your Mobile Device or Tablet, Our App is Available on the Google Play Store here – . Wij will have a Free App our on the Apple App Store Late June. Sign up for Updates below to get all the latest news on our Platforms.

Where can i acess Cryptocurrency News?

To access all the latest Cryptocurrency news on our Free Podium you can navigate to there wij postbode all up to date articles with the source linksaf. If you would like to access all the latest Cryptocurrency news ter one place. Please purchase a subscription to our premium toneel overheen on

What else is included with the Free Toneel?

You can find just about anything on our free verhoging that is included ter other Free Cryptocurrency Price tracking websites. Our Free podium have more upgraded features the the challenging Cryptocurrency tracking webstek with live prices by the 2nd spil well spil Buy & Sell buttons that listig to Changelly Marketplace. Feel free to check out our free podium @

About CryptoPrice ICO

Wij are te the process of Forming and Launching a ICO. Our token will revolutionize the way Cryptocurrency is purchased te the modern world. If you would like to learn more about our ICO/Token & White Paper please subscribe for Updates Below.

How can i purchase tokens?

You will be able to Purchase CryptoPrice tokens here on our webstek te a few weeks. Sign up for updates below to get information about the Phase One Token Sale. Wij look forward to switching the world of Cryptocurrency with you!

Where can i read the whitepaper?

Wij will be publishing our White Paper te Mid June 2018, If you would like to get updates about our WhitePaper and our ICO or our Platforms please Subscribe to our News Letterteken below or on our Blog @

When will the CryptoPrice token be live?

The CryptoPrice ICO/Token will be Live by the End of July 2018. You will be able to Purchase tokens on our webstek here Via, Bitcoin,Etherum,Litecoin,Bitcoin Metselspecie or Ripple. Wij look forward to switching the way Cryptocurreny is purchased across the world with you!

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