Click the listig ter your email to accomplish the account activation, select login from the next screen, and inject your username and password to proceed to your account.

Click the link in your email to complete the account activation, select login from the next screen, and enter your username and password to proceed to your account.

This Step-by-Step Guide to Bibox shows how to use Bibox to trade cryptocurrency. Learn how to create an account and deposit, buy, and withdraw cryptocurrency on Bibox, one of the fastest growing crypto-to-crypto exchanges ter the world. Bibox has a clean one-page trading interface and is rapidly expanding with more supported cryptocurrencies and features. This guide will have you trading cryptocurrencies on Bibox within minutes. Let’s get began!

The very first step is to create a Bibox account. You need your name, email address, and a fresh password to open a Bibox account. Similar to Binance, you can start trading on Bibox instantly without verification because Bibox is a crypto-to-crypto only exchange. To begin, go after any verbinding from Crypto Space Guides to Bibox to Sign Up. Then inject your email and password and press sign up to proceed.

Bibox will send you email with a verbinding to activate your account. Click the verbinding te your email to finish the account activation, select login from the next screen, and come in your username and password to proceed to your account.

You will arrive at the settings or “User Center” upon logging into your account. There are options for profile verification, to use BIX for fees, switch your password, SMS authentication, Google authentication, and a funds password. Let’s guide you through thesis key settings.

BIX is the native token to the Bibox exchange. Bibox ordinarily charges trading fees of 0.10%. However, trading fees are diminished by 50% if paid ter BIX.

Two-factor authentication is fundamental. There are endless stories of individuals losing ems or hundreds of thousands of dollars because they did not use two-factor authentication on a cryptocurrency exchange. By enabling Google authentication and two-factor authentication, Bibox will require that you inject a makeshift code, sent to the Google Authenticator app on your mobile phone, each time you login and initiate other significant transactions. Two-factor authentication is generally considered more secure than SMS authentication. Bibox will provide a “key” during Google authentication setup that you should write down and store ter a safe place. That key is necessary to setup the Google Authenticator app with Bibox if you switch mobile phones ter the future.

If SMS authentication is enabled, you will receive a text message with a code to come in, ter addition to your username and password, each time you login, withdraw funds, or modify security settings. SMS authentication is generally considered less secure than Google 2-factor authentication because hackers have had some success hijacking the cell phone numbers of cryptocurrency users.

The funds password on Bibox is a 2nd password required to withdraw funds from Bibox. This is a helpful added security feature on Bibox. With a separate funds password, any hacker who acquires access to your Bibox account is still not able to stir your cryptocurrency unless the hacker also steals your funds password. Reminisce to write down your funds password spil a backup and store it ter a safe place.

Every user on Bibox can withdraw up to Two bitcoin te value each day from Bibox. However, verified users can withdraw up to 20 bitcoin te value te each day because they submit extra identification information such spil photo, passport, and proof of residence. Ter addition, verified users can margin trade through a margin account.

The funds pagina on Bibox is another significant section of your account. This step-by-step guide is worried only with the master account funds, which are the cryptocurrencies that you own and may trade on Bibox. This step-by-step guide does not voorkant margin accounts or margin trading.

The funds pagina includes fund details about each cryptocurrency you own, deposits history, and withdrawals history.

You vereiste deposit cryptocurrency into Bibox to begin buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The funds pagina is also where you go to deposit cryptocurrency into Bibox. Uncheck the opbergruimte for “Hide 0 Balance” if you need view the entire list of cryptocurrencies supported by Bibox for withdrawals and deposits. Wij will deposit ethereum (ETH) te this Step-By-Step Guide to Bibox. The process is similar for each coin. Very first, choose the deposit button next to the cryptocurrency that you want to deposit. 2nd, copy the address for the cryptocurrency that you want to deposit. Eventually, paste the address into the sending wallet or exchange and initiate the transfer to Bibox.

Go to Funds -&gt, Deposits History to review your pending, ended, and failed deposits to Bibox. Wij were affected that our deposit of ETHfrom Gemini to Bibox appeared within 10-15 seconds spil pending on Deposits History and wasgoed confirmed within about two minutes. Bibox will also reflect the ended deposit te the your balances when you select Funds -&gt, Funds Details.

Select token trading and utter screen to access Bibox’s utter screen trading interface. It is of our beloved ways to trade because it is well-designed, ordinary to use, and works flawlessly.

Go to Token Trading from the top menukaart on Bibox to view the trading interface for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Note that a lantaarn icon ter the upper right of the trading interface switches inbetween black and white versions of the trading interface. The Bibox trading interface includes a drop-down menukaart for selecting cryptocurrency pairs, order book, chart with technical indicators, depth chart, order book trade history, buy and sell boxes to place orders, and your open orders and trading history. Let’s review each of thesis.

Choose the cryptocurrency pair you want to trade by selecting it from the upper right of the trading interface. You can choose trading pairs with ETH, BTC, USDT, DAI, and BIX. The selection opbergruimte and search function worked ideally for us. Ter this Step-By-Step Guide to Bibox wij chose the C20/ETH trading pair because wij want to buy C20 with ETH.

Bibox’s trading order book is excellent. Located on the right side of the screen, the order book displays current sell orders, buy orders, and last price paid te both cryptocurrency and USD. You can choose the number of quebrado places to display te the order book, which helps identify buy and sell walls. One missing feature is that the order book does not include a translucent tapkast to voorstelling the relative volume of each order amount, which is a feature suggested by Binance and KuCoin.

Bibox displays the trade history for the selected trading pair on the right side of the screen. This may help you evaluate trends ter the price movement, liquidity, and speed of trading.

Bibox displays your open orders and trade history on the bottom of the screen. Wij liked that a ordinary checkbox restricts the display to just the selected trading pair, rather than your entire list of open orders and trade history.

The price and volume chart works excellent for analyzing price, volume, and several commonly-used technical indicators. You can set the chart to demonstrate price and volume te increments from 1 minute to 1 week long and enable technical indicators from the top left. Bibox’s chart is on-par with the best charts available from exchanges such spil Bittrex, Binance, and GDAX.

You can switch inbetween the trading chart and a depth chart ter the upper right of the chart. Ter displaying the size and value of buy orders and sell orders, the depth chart is enough for you to identify large buy or sell walls or a large spread inbetween buy and sell orders. It’s better than the depth charts on KuCoin and Binance, but wij would like to see Bibox make it effortless to teleobjetivo te and out on the depth chart.

You can switch inbetween the trading chart and a depth chart ter the upper right of the chart. Ter showcasing the size and value of buy orders and sell orders, the depth chart is enough for you to identify large buy or sell walls or a large spread inbetween buy and sell orders. It’s better than the depth charts on KuCoin and Binance, but wij wish it were lighter to teleobjetivo ter and out on the depth chart.

The order opbergruimte ter the lower right is where users place buy and sell orders on Bibox. To come in a price, either by hand type the price or click on a price te the order book or trade history. To come in an amount to purchase, either by hand type the amount to purchase or click on the percentage of your funds to use (25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%). Bibox only supports limit orders, which is a buy or sell order set for a specific price that sits on the order book until packed at the specified price. However, for example, a limit order to buy will likely execute almost instantly if set at a price equal to or above the lowest price of sell orders.

This Step-by-Step Guide will showcase you how to place a limit order to buy C20 on Bibox. Very first set the price to pay. Wij selected 0.00214217 ETH/C20 from the order book to auto-fill the amount and then edited the amount field te the order opbergruimte to 0.00214216 ETH/C20. This will set our limit order near the top of the order book. If wij had wished our limit order instantly packed, wij could have entered a price equal to the sell orders presently on the order book.

Next select the amount to buy. The below screenshot shows that wij had an ETH recuento of 0.41563596 to spend on C20. To sell all of our ETH for C20, wij selected the 100% button ter the order opbergruimte and Bibox automatically packed ter the amount of C20 wij could buy spil 194.0265 C20. Wij are now ready to place the limit order to buy.

Select “LIM Buy” to place a buy order. Our limit order buy is now on the order book on the right and ter our open orders on the bottom. You will notice that our limit order buy is below the lowest sell order (0.00217602), the last price traded (0.00217499), and the highest buy order (0.00217178). A limit order like ours is ordinarily promptly executed when the price is moving down, but may sit on the order book for awhile if the price is moving up. If wij had wished our limit order instantaneously executed, wij could have entered a price equal to the sell orders presently on the order book. Our order history will vertoning the order spil soon spil it is executed.

You will likely determine to withdraw cryptocurrency to another exchange or a hardware wallet, desktop wallet, or mobile wallet. Go to your master account funds from the top menukaart to view your cryptocurrency holdings. Select the withdraw button for the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw. Bibox will display the withdrawal toverfee and three fields to accomplish: address, amount to withdraw, and the “remark the withdrawal ondergrens, and the withdrawal toverfee.

Very first, inject the withdrawal address for the receiving address. Next, come in the amount you want to withdraw or select max to withdraw all of your holdings for that cryptocurrency. Eventually, inject a note to yourself for record-keeping purposes or anything you want into the “remark” field. It is nonsensical that Bibox makes the remark field required, but you can always come in random characters into the “remark” field. Press submit to initiate the withdrawal.

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