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Best Altcoin Exchange - Sebfor - Bitcoin, Ethereum - Blockchain News

There is no denying that you cannot stand against technology if you want to succeed ter our competitive world, which is why cryptocurrencies are a big overeenkomst today. Cryptocurrencies are undoubtedly going to switch the way people do business online, just spil email did.

However, just spil wij need email exchange-hosting servers to use emails, wij cannot use cryptocurrency sleekly without an exchange toneel. A cryptocurrency exchange or altcoin exchange provides you a verhoging where you can buy, sell, or simply trade your altcoins.

Since wij are talking the exchanges treating altcoins valued ter hundreds of millions of dollars, knowing which ones are reliable is even more significant. It is with that te mind that wij determined to find out which are the Best Altcoin Exchange that you can use for acquire or sell your altcoins, and are secure to use. If you have bot questions such spil where can I trade cryptocurrencies? then you have come to the right place.

Top Five Best Altcoin Exchange

Coinbase and GDAX

Coinbase is one of the best-known altcoin exchange platforms, and it supports crytpocurrency trade te 32 different countries. However only users located ter North America, and Europe, with the exception is Singapore and Australia can use its services.

It therefore locks out most users who live te Asia and elsewhere te the world. If have bot investing ter Forex trade, then you will find it to be a grate altcoin exchange toneel. Bijzonder from Bitcoin, it supports a few other major cryptocurrencies such spil Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Contant.

You can fund your trading account after verifying it with your handelsbank account or your credit card. However, using your credit cards to make payments will cost you more compared to using a handelsbank account. Unlike ter Forex trade, you do not have to deposit fiat money ter your trading account ter order to place a buy order. Their user interface is ordinary and effortless to use, thanks to its intuitive vormgeving.

You will be able to figure out most of its features on your own. GDAX is affiliated to Coinbase, and you do not pay any fees for moving your funds inbetween the two exchanges. Their interfaces are also similar, and any difference you might see is only cosmetic and not ter their functionality.


Poloniex is a trusted altcoin exchange that gives traders a good selection of altcoins to trade. Moreover, experienced traders cortesía it because it gives them an option to trade on margins. Traders are therefore able to brief coins, but the margin trading option is limited to only a few coins. You can learn more on which coins you can marginally trade on by visiting their margin-trading pagina.

Their interface is effortless to use, but it is also ordinary. That means you will not have access to any advanced featured such spil technical analysis implements. Overall, you will love the capability of their interface to presents lots of useful information without appearing cluttered. If you were looking for a toneel that offers altcoin insignificante trading, then Poloniex is a good place to embark.


Kritiseren is an altcoin exchange that is based ter San Francisco, and very popular among European traders. It has a accomplish set of options you need to trade te altcoins such spil fiat support, margin trading, and supports several altcoins. The fiat currencies supported by this exchange include CAD, JPY, USD, and EUR.

You can begin trading ter altcoins spil soon spil you make a canap wire deposit. The only downside to this toneel is its user interface. You may find it to be less intuitive compared to others such spil Coinbase. Overall, it is best suited for traders who want a large selection of altcoins and are comfy using a canap wire transfer.


Bittrex is an exchange based te the US and it stands out because it supports the most altcoins, including those that just had their ICO. Spil of now, it supports overheen 190 cryptocurrencies, and permits traders from all overheen the world to participate. Moreover, it has a good user interface, which you will find effortless to use. The other outstanding feature of this exchange is its technical analysis contraptions that the other the major exchanges are lacking.

If you want to do technical analysis of their altcoins, this exchange may rente you more than the others. However, it charges a toverfee of 0.25% on all trade transactions, spil of the time of writing this article. Overall, it is good for traders who need access to many altcoins spil well spil analysis contraptions. Traders who prioritize exchanges that charge minimal fees may not find it to be an attractive option.


Binance is an altcoin exchange that is based te Hong Kong but is registered outside of China. Some traders had feared that it would close its doors when China banned cryptocurrencies. However, that did not toebijten because it is not subject to that verbod. It is one of the coins that is popular all overheen the world, is also supported by its own ICO the BNB.

That is why is able to offers altcoin exchange services at a toverfee of only 0.1%, making it a beloved for traders who choose low-fee altcoin exchanges. Binance also stands out because it incubates pre-ICO blockchain startups, and provides them a toneelpodium for achieving their goals.

Unluckily, you cannot use Fiat money to buy altcoins on Binance, instead you have to use other coins such spil Bitcoin that you bought with Fiat money somewhere else. The good news is that merienda you have stream your Binance account with your altcoins, you will be able to exchange them with numerous other coins such spil Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Ethereum, and even Tether.

When it comes to its user interface, they found an intuitive way to cater for all traders. They divided it into two, there is the Basic View for beginner traders and the Advanced View for seasoned traders. The Basic View provides users all the functionality they need to buy and sell altcoins, while the Advanced View provides advanced traders with implements for basic technical analysis.

If you need a verhoging that offers you a excellent selection of altcoins combined with low trading fees, then Binance is for you. On the other palm, if you do not want to keep an eye on Chinese cryptocurrency regulations, then you should consider using other exchanges.

Which is the Best Altcoin Exchange?

The best altcoin exchange is often not the most popular, but one that offers you what you need such spil low trading fees, accessibility, and altcoin selection. However, security for your altcoins should be a basic requirement. Wij also recommend that you keep your private addressed securely te your wallet, and avoid storing it on the altcoin exchange. Doing that gives you more control overheen your altcoins, and acts spil a buffer to hacking attacks on exchanges.

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