Kritiseren Electrical, Electrical Contractor, Electrician, Chapel Hill – Durham

Kraken Electric, Electrical Contractor, Electrician, Chapel Hill - Durham

Losbreken Electrified is.


About Us

Tom Freeman, Vice.

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The Company

Openleggen Electrical is an electrical contracting company based ter Chapel Hill, NC.

Founded on March 30, 2012, by Tom Freeman and Vicki-Haskett-Freeman, wij are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded electrical construction company.

Being a petite business te North Carolina, wij pride ourselves on our professionalism, diligence, and service-with-a-smile attitude. Decades of practice te electrical construction has cemented our capability ter electrical vormgeving and installation. Our work practice spans from nuclear power plants, state and federal prisons, theater, hotels, medicial centers, and homes.

Kritiseren Electrified’s “Three-Prong” Mission Statement:

  • To perform the highest quality of electrical construction ter a timely manner at competitive prices
  • To perform an environmentally conscience electrical installation to provide innovative solutions to our customers needs
  • To work together with our customers and contracting professionals with a positive attitude and have joy te what wij do

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  • Commercial Construction
  • Industrial Construction
  • Residential Construction
  • Electrical Maintenance Contracts
  • Telecommunications
  • Fiber Optics

About Us

Tom Freeman, Vice Voorzitter, is an unlimited licensed electrical contractor (29660-U), and has worked te many aspects of electrical construction since 1979. His work practice ranges from vormgeving and installation of traditional electrical construction, telecommunication systems and fiber optic installations to electrical installations for industrial plants. Project practice includes construction of theaters, hotels, medical facilities, gegevens centers, state and federal prisons and nuclear power plants.

Vicki Haskett-Freeman, Voorzitter, is an FOA certified fiber optic technician and a Certified Construction Contract Administrator and has worked ter Architecture/Architectural related fields since 1976. Since 1984 she has worked with a circunscrito Architecture/Engineering hard spil a Job Captain of many project teams. For the past Ten years, she has worked te Construction Administration for the Bouwmeester. Hier project practice te Construction Administration includes Airports, Laboratorium buildings, State correctional facilities and Courthouses.

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