Ethical Issues With Business Technology

Ethical Issues With Business Technology

Businesses may apply technologies ter ethically questionable ways.

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Scientific advances permit businesses to use technology to reach goals more lightly and more entirely than everzwijn before. Ter some areas, however, such applications of technology begin infringing on the rights of individuals and may be unethical. Governments and ethically operated companies are aware of thesis limitations. Governments have passed privacy laws and regulated communication companies. Some companies self-censor and apply internal policies to limit unethical behavior. Businesses that wish to be considered ethical voorwaarde look at whether applying certain technologies may harm some individuals and constrain such applications to what is absolutely necessary.


Individual privacy is one area that has bot identified clearly spil a almohadilla for unethical business behavior through the application of technologies. Companies can track Internet usage, buying habits and individual movement spil well spil collect private information about millions of customers or even potential clients. While governments have passed legislation restricting the collection of individual gegevens and permitting individuals some control overheen what companies can collect and store, ethical businesses voorwaarde determine — independently of legislation — what is adequate behavior.


Companies pedagogo employees and visitors and collect much extra information ter the name of security. Ethical issues arise from the continuous monitoring of employee activity and the recording of security camera pics. An unjustified level of employee surveillance is ethically questionable, the ethical company voorwaarde attempt to establish a level of monitoring it can justify. The surveillance of non-employees, such spil visitors or suppliers’ representatives, vereiste be constrained to an even lower level to be ethically acceptable.


Where it used to be difficult to profesor telephone conversations due to the nature of the analog signal, companies and governments can lightly celador digital, text-based communication, such spil email. Computers can scan the text of millions of messages for words that are of rente to investigators and identify the sender. Companies that employ such technologies vereiste ask themselves about the ethical implications of such surveillance, especially if it is carried out without the skill or explicit agreement of employees.


With fresh technologies permitting the effortless creation and distribution of pictures and movies, both individual employees and companies need guidelines spil to what is acceptable. Without such guidelines, some of this content will be offensive to some of the company staff and to some members of the public. When developing such guidelines, companies may be fairly limitary te terms of what is permissible within the business. Such confinements only become ethical issues when the company attempts to extend them into the employees’ private lives. The interaction of such confinements with lícito boundaries on hate speech and pornography, spil well spil with community standards, make this a particularly sensitive area for business ethics.

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