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    WCN Bitcoin Group #147 – Segwit2X – ETH Flash Crash – Status & Civic – Coinbase & Cryptsy

    June 23rd from NYC : The SegWit2x code is on the edge of release and the discussions are serious. Theo wasgoed a little tipsy but being late night ter Germany let’s give him a pauze. Here is the TL,DR

    0:01:00 – SegWit2x : With SegWit2x Beta about to come out, wij already have overheen 80% of miners signaling for this mess. But wij still have lots of issues, SegWit2x is totally untested and potentially dangerous. So you have to be crazy to run that code even if it’s for a brief time to get SegWit and then switch back. The only way to get out of this mess to either instantly run BIP141 to lock ter SegWit with 95% overeenstemming, or get core devs to apply BIP91 with 80% overeenstemming to get SegWit before Aug 1st. There is a possibility of running SegWit2x for a month and then switch back but do you truly want to risk the future of the Bitcoin Network on this untested lump of junk. Wij will soon find out.

    0:16:00 – Ethereum Flash Crashed to Ten Cents After a $30M Market Sell Order : This wasgoed a crazy event and it resumes to Showcase how amateurish the crypto exchanges are. The fault here is clearly with GDAX for screwing this up.

    0:54:30 – Latest ICO’s are Violating the Ethereum Blockchain : This is just kicking off, Ethereum cannot technologically scale and i’m not astonished all thesis fresh projects are violating Ethereum’s back. The Civic ICO is not different. I go on a minor rant about how bad Ethereum is.

    1:14:00 – Coinbase Appeals Decision ter Cryptsy Case : I had to run and wasgoed not there for this story.

    CryptoScam #8 – Ethereum Launch (w/ Jason Seibert)

    Recorded May 2nd, 2018 : Te this 8th Scene of CryptoScam I am joined by Jason Siebert of the ImNOTYourLawyer Voorstelling. Ethereum is a very complicated project so it will take at least Trio scenes to voorkant it. Te this 1st attempt wij concentrate on the Ethereum token pre-sale which to anyone with any financial practice, is an evident sale of an unlicensed unregistered security. Jason’s expertise helps pack ter some of the details. Wij could have talked about thesis details all day but at some point wij had to zekering.

    The SoundCloud version is also Available:

    WCN Bitcoin Group #125 – Trump Bitcoin, EthC ETF, Karpeles Vraaggesprek and Miami Bitcoin Conference

    January 20th from Hunter Mountain NY: I know my connection wasgoed bad but it’s the best I had being on location ter the middle of nowhere. Here is the TLDR

    0:00:02 – Is Trump Good for Bitcoin? I have bot telling for a long time that both Trump or Hilary could be good for Bitcoin but for different reasons. Unlike Hilary, Trump is anti-tax so this would be very bad for bitcoin spil it might not be a use case. However wij still need to see his stand on the drug war and if he is tegen drugs that would be good for bitcoin. He might also make remittance to Mexico stiffer which is a very good thing for Bitcoin. Uitgang question wasgoed the price of bitcoin ter a week and i’m pretty certain it will be higher. (price at the time wasgoed $900)

    0:23:00 – ETC ETF by Barry Silbert: My position on ETC has not switched since day one, I expect the price of ETC to equal ETH te the future. Spil for Barry, i have bot very critical of him and what he is doing with his statements on ETC and buying it ahead of time then pumping it with his comments. I am also critical of Barry about his current Bitcoin Trust product. I also think it’s ditzy to have a Bitcoin ETF so imagine a Shitcoin ETF. A Bitcoin ETF has two major problems and about a dozen petite problems:

    A. Who is going to be responsible for the security of the Underlying asset (aka Bitcoin that can be stolen)

    B. Permitting a Bitcoin ETF is opening the doorheen for a OneCoin ETF and everything ter inbetween.

    0:45:00 – Mark Karpeles: Not much of an opinion but I will attempt and get Karpeles on my fresh display CryptoScam

    1:05:00 – Miami Bitcoin Conf & Hackathon: Just caudillo thoughts on the event from Chris DeRose and Myself. (I would love to see a conf te Cancun Mexico)

    Premie: Coinbase is insane for their speaker quotas for the Overeenstemming Conf.

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    3 Responses

    1. babachimau says:

      Yes, I will do a celebratory dance te vuurlijn of the idiots who repeated the same misinformation on this thread. Again, simply because a financial company warns people ahead of time of potential misconduct does not eliminate the liability.

    2. Mommy2-2angels says:

      Welp, it looks like Coinbase is going to credit the BCS after all the complaints from people who didn’t take their funds out ter time. People are truly fortunate that they are doing this.

    3. Mommy2007 says:

      Coinbase simply has to prepare to securely provide thesis coins to customers.

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