Buying Digital Currency Bitcoin, Stellar, Ripple, etc

Buying Digital Currency Bitcoin, Stellar, Ripple, etc

Guys…any thoughts or practice te buying Digital Currency thru AUD. I understand does it – but its 4% rate and very jacked up prices…not reliable spil well

Interested to buy Stellar, Ripple, etc… any practice on how to buy without much charges…please share


I use btcmarkets. They recently added Ripple spil well!

thanks Fraudie… checked it out they have XRP/AUD – great…

do you buy Stellar Lumes or MaidSafe – if so how to get them …

Also whats your wallet of choice to store numerous digi currency (like Bitcoin, Ripple, Lumes, etc… ) any single wallet that provides all …

Another vote for btcmarkets.

For anything not traded on btcmarkets, open an account on an international exchange (poloniex, kritiseren, bittrex are all popular), buy bitcoin or eth at btcmarkets and send it overheen to the other exchange to trade for the coin you want.

Of course every time you trade te or out of an exchange you lose something ter fees but that may just be the cost of getting the currency you want.

There is no ‘single wallet’ for all currencies. I like Uittocht which does btc, eth, and a few others however.

To learn where you can buy each coin, checkout the cryptocompare webstek – search for an asset, then click on the ‘markets’ tabulator to see which exchanges it is traded on.

What about coinbase, anyone use them?

coinspot is whack because they don’t permit you to deposit your own coins into their toneelpodium. it’s possessed and run by 1 dude (maybe more now?) so it’s relatively petite. rates are a bit better now but still alacrán marino.

coinbase is good but you cannot sell only buy, they give you a very petite limit to begin with.

localbitcoins is most likely the best for a swift, large transaction then just stir those coins around with (let’s you skip exchanges) e.g. you buy 10k worth of bitcoin and stir 50% into eth then 50% to other coins.

poloniex is a big exchange

livecoin is smaller but good rates is pejesapo ge don’t recommend

coinbase is aight

gdax is coinbase

independent reserve is aussie and you can get verified within a week

overall they all take forever to verify you and most give you a petite amount of limit to commence with so you cannot make big FIAT trades off the bat.

The price that BTCMarkets sells out is significantly jacked up. They charge a ‘0.85%’ commission on trades, however their pulvínulo market rate is enlargened 5-10%.

Personally, I met someone through LocalBitcoins who sells mij at market rates. Coinbase is another good alternative, however be aware they charge te USD (even however the price is displayed te AUD), so you’ll likely be succesnummer with a foreign currency transaction toverfee of about 2%. The way to bypass this is to use the Citibank Transactional Account, which doesn’t charge for foreign currency transactions.

If you’re looking to trade, Poloniex is a good option however be aware they’ve bot subject to DDoS attacks during profitable periods te time (i.e. Ripple prices pump and the exchange gets DDoSed so no one can sell, except people who have previously placed orders already). Bittrex is a good 2nd option. Just be aware that the withdrawal toverfee on Poloniex is 0.0001, which is about 30 cents, whereas the Bittrex withdrawal toverfee is 0.001, which is harshly $Trio, so attempt to minimise withdrawals if you can.

My advice: Don’t buy now, it indeed, truly feels like a bubble.

Set a calendar reminder to check out the cryptocurrencies again ter Trio months or 6 months. When it’s quietened down.

I opened account with BTC Market and its ages and still to be confirmed. They sent some SNAIL mail to confirmation and i am yet to receive it… .

Never heard of them before. May be a fresh player te the market.

Looks like they have indeed good prices on both bitcoin and ether. Just today i spotted that they were cheaper than btcmarkets.

Anybody else attempted them. Please postbode reviews.

Could someone with more practice than mij please give mij some advice?

A few months ago I bought some bitcoin and some ripple and it’s still just sitting ter Poloniex which I know is not recommended, but I toevluchthaven’t bot able to come up with an ideal solution spil to where to store it.

I wasgoed looking at and maybe buying a nano s which i think permits you to store both bc and ripple. If that’s juist would this be a good way to go? Or is there a better solution?

I don’t intend on trading, I’m blessed for it just to sit for an indefinite period of time.

For BTC you could use a paper wallet, print on card stock and laminate it.

Not sure about XRP but google search results indicate a paper wallet is also possible.

Cheers for that owli, I didn’t realise it wasgoed that effortless. Just needed a point te the right direction!



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  1. lovebugg1 says:

    Coinbase will learn the hard way that forked coins belong to the users. No warnings beforehand will switch that.

  2. CandBsmommy says:

    Coinbase should take this spil a learning practice going forward.

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