Huobi to Embark Bitcoin Specie Trading, BTCC Already Listing BCC

August 1, 2018 11:00 am 0

One of the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, Huobi, will commence Bitcoin Contant trading on their Huobi.professional exchange, usable by Huobi traders through logging-in with their account.

Huobi says they will freeze bitcoin accounts at 20:20 China time, which translates to around now, and give all bitcoin holders an equal amount of BCC.

Thereafter, they will list it for trading merienda the distribution is ended, with high price volatility expected primarily during the very first few hours of trading.

Huobi’s statement on Bitcoin Metselspecie

Meantime BTCC, which managed almost $40 million te bitcoin trading during the past 24 hours, has already listed Bitcoin Metselspecie on their interface.

The exchange is suggesting the option to deposit bitcoins or eth, while also demonstrating a seemingly not yet activated option of depositing or withdrawing BCC, suggesting they will list it for trading.

BTCC already listed BCC?

The two exchanges are joined by Losbreken, which for some reason will list BCC trading under BCH, rather than XBC or BCC. It remains unclear when exactly they will open trading, but it should be te the next few hours.

They are also joined by the world’s 2nd fattest exchange, Bithumb, which treated almost $60 million bitcoin trading volumes te the past 24 hours.

The exchange wasgoed one of the very first to state they will list BCC, potentially suggesting strong support for Bitcoin Specie te South Korea.

Current support for Bitcoin Contant

The very quick uptake of BCC, ter just a week or so, and the very quick integration of it across the ecosystem has taken some by verrassing.

There were suggestions months or even years were necessary for a hardfork, but Bitcoin Metselspecie is now to do it te just overheen a week with exchanges te support seemingly rewarded with trading volume, while those again facing some penalty.

Gdax’s trading volumes plummeted on July 31st.

Coinbase’s Gdax, te particular, eyed its trading volumes plummet yesterday, pulling down to 49th position, down from their usual top ten.

The exchange has bot facing an uittocht, with withdrawal delays of 12 hours or more, but dependent on how today unfolds, they may have no choice other than to give the BCC to its rightful owners.

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  1. mama2ak says:

    Coinbase should take this spil a learning practice going forward.

  2. misslepew says:

    Yes, I will do a celebratory dance ter vooraanzicht of the idiots who repeated the same misinformation on this thread. Again, simply because a financial company warns people ahead of time of potential misconduct does not eliminate the liability.

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