GDAX Reviews, Read Customer Service Reviews of

GDAX Reviews, Read Customer Service Reviews of

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Had an kwestie with missing funds while…

Had an punt with missing funds while trading online. Found customer support number after 25 minutes online and called. Waited on the phone for hour and fifteen minutes. To explain what toebijten. Customer support emails mij a reference case number and says they will be contacting mij. That wasgoed on 1/Legitimate/2108 they emailed to help mij Four/17/2018 three months straks and still could not refund. Wij were attempting to narrow the problem to the precies uur of the kwestie then they send an email that they are no longer monitoring my case. WTH. Begin all overheen again.

Mohammed Al-Shishtawi

Worst Service I’ve everzwijn experienced!

Worst Service I’ve everzwijn experienced ter my life!!

Unreliable service. Made a transfer to the LTC Address GDAX Provided and NEVER Received it.

Opened a Case and it’s bot Three months without a zindelijk response strafgevangenis solution . telling mij that the address does not belong to them!! lol

Nacho Sanchez

Crashing the market

They are selling massive amounts of bitcoins and crashing the market since December 2018.


I should have read here before using …

I should have read here before using it.

– The service is there (hence the starlets)

– But they’re downright perplexed atm

(which I understand but still makes the service tedious until that switches)

– And the support is inexistent

(just attempt to send a message to their Twitter accounts spil a test)

– Of course: don’t get te trouble with transfers because the money will be lost (I’m still waiting to understand where’s my money spil I didn’t make any of the mistakes that they point out ter the FAQ)

My money arrived after 8 hours (not sure whose fault is that but the &quot,ETH transaction hash&quot, wasgoed not visible so I guess that the transaction hadn’t taken place?). Not sure what to think: I just say the facts

Casey W

Wired $39,000 on 12/7/17 to gdax no credit spil of 12/28/17

Wired $39,000 on 12/7/17 to gdax. Both sending and receiving bankgebouw have confirmed receipt of the funds by coinbase. Today, 12/28/17 they have yet to react or to credit or refund my wire. gross negligence at the very least.

Customer support is non existent.

Customer support is non existent.

Accidentally sent bitcoin to a Bitcoin Metselspecie adrdress for a large amount of ????s and they do not react to you absolutely shocking avoid this company.

L Brief

Case # 2772220

I have e-mailed and called about every other day. I have the name of their specialist, and still can not get an reaction from hier. I wired funds following their wiring instructions on 12/Four. My bankgebouw shows that the funds were received on 12/6. I have spent overheen ten hours on the phone overheen five times now, attempting to talk to someone. My funds have not shown up yet te either or’s accounts. To say that they care for their customers is a total joke. Upon having one of their customer reps. on the phone (after waiting on hold for overheen an hour) all I got wasgoed being dropped te the middle of a their discussion with mij. They say that they do not have the capability to call out, therefore, when dropped, one vereiste commence overheen waiting another hour on hold before one of their customer reps. will reaction. Then again, being dropped. I want my funds back, but I doubt if I everzwijn see any of the funds. A finish rip off. It is not 12/20 and still no response from them!

Fedor Pankratov

A mistake that costs you both money & time.

Wrote a similar review for Coinbase, cause use them side by side.

Thought I wasgoed being clever to attempt to avoid Coinbase fees, so went to GDAX. Could not be more wrong – instead of fees got very costly SEPA transfer delays, which resulted ter potential 40% build up te bitcoin value not happening, spil money were ter transfer for Two weeks. Only to be returned to my canap account with no explanation.

Customer support is also good – not responding for more than a week already.

Especially good if you are UK-based, so Euro is not your main currency.

Contemporáneo to December 2018


Absolutely awful service!

Absolutely awful service!

Avoid and look for another verhoging

Charles Goodwin

Not spil bad spil others say

I’ve had a very positive practice with GDAX (and by extension, Coinbase). You get favourable rates with reasonable fees (compared to other sites that I have experienced). The trading verhoging itself is a good compromise inbetween simpleness and functionality.

Anastasis Mouktaris

Zero accountability

Funds did not show up ter my account despite following the precies SEPA process outlined on the webstek.

I lost a loterijlot of money because of this …

I lost a loterijlot of money because of this lump of crap exchange. They have no implements and only two indicators. How the frick are you supposed to trade like that.


My very first purchase wasgoed duplicated, so instead of investing 1000€ I had 2000€.

GDAX has gotten worse and worse the …

GDAX has gotten worse and worse the more money it has raised (I presume because their customer pulvínulo has grown even quicker but yet not an excuse for the poor/non-existent customer support). it is shocking now. Support takes more than 5-6 days to react and it is often with generic responses rather than actually looking at the punt. For example, they failed to process one of my withdrawals and marked it wrongly spil accomplish. I wrote to them Trio days ago and I have received no response to my toegangsbewijs yet ( case ID: 1862982)

Frantisek Desatiendo

GDAX lost my litecoins [SOLVED]

I wasgoed quiebro sated with GDAX until very first problems occurs. I have deposited higher dozens of litecoins and the transaction wasgoed successfully delivered and confirmed using the litecoin blockchain, now it is labeled spil &quot,accomplish&quot, ter GDAX interface, but the litecoins toevluchthaven?t bot credited to my account so far. Their support doesn?t react, totally silent. Maybe they are overcharged, but I do not want to wait months until I meet my money again. I have missed lotsbestemming of opportunities so far because this punt. If anybody from GDAX is reading this, my toegangsbewijs number (case id) is: 1786496

It?s quiebro long time, I deposited the litecoins on 22 June so now (2018-07-08) it?s more then Two weeks. Just for nosey people, here is the litecoin transaction id (2e538ea03af68d312f1b92f2bfe8fd5af012370c31e5c4357efb1c6e2d0b3061).

I want to apologise to GDAX, I have found my litecoins on Coinbase account. It wasgoed mistake of GDAX, because they should transfer it automaticly from Coinbase to GDAX and they didn?t do that spil usualy. So it made mij confused. I am switching rating from 1 to Four starlets, because their support is terribly slow.

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  1. Brandi says:

    Coinbase said they would be issuing the fresh bitcoin cashes for those who held bitcoin at the time of the fork.

  2. ps21369 says:

    But what they did not say at the commence that they are going to kwestie them very late, at the early 2018, which is pretty bad spil the price is very likely going to be much lower by then.

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