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I’ve Ten classic children stories comprising fairy tales and Aesop’s fables written te English. Altogether there will be about a 100 illustrations+Ten voorkant illustration. Titles are, for example, Little Crimson Railing Spandex hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Lion and the Mouse, The Boy Cried Wolf, etc. Thesis books are for the purpose of ebook and also with

I need a quote for a database driven navigation menukaart which is populated from a MySQL database. This Vereiste be written ter Classic ASP.

. plus our token/coin and Five FIAT currencies before. The exchange of coins will have pairing with BTC & ETH similar to Binance/livecoin You can see our coin live on [login to view URL] The exchange will have Ten Cryptos + Five FIAT cryptos will have pairing BTC, ETH & TPI. Only FIAT transfer from TPI to Five FIAT When you begin with us

I need to develop a altcoin and bitcoin soccer gambling webpagina The gateway receive te btc or eth and delivery ter fiat currency.

Wij are a group looking to build a cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange will enable our customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using fiat. Needs to feature: full-featured trading interface, real-time trade settlement, multi-currency trading, sturdy security

I need to develop a altcoin and bitcoin payment gateway. The gateway receive ter btc or eth and delivery te fiat currency.

LOGO Vormgeving BUSINESS NAME: Brittyh MUA (OR) Brittyh Makeup Artist I am a makeup artist looking for a fresh logo for my business. I love thesis designs: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL]: [login to view URL]: spil they’re classy and stijlvol which is what I’m looking for. I want something unique but not shocking or too busy. I use websites such spil Canva ofte.

illustration of a ethnic wear

Fix teleobjetivo pic on a classic .asp webstek

Fix teleobjetivo picture on a classic .asp webstek

I need an Accomplished ASP CLASSIC programmer to make updates, switches, and improvements to an already established webstek ter this language.

I need a Bluetooth Classic plugin for Unity to work on all platforms. The purpose is to stream gegevens from a wireless biosensor. If you have already developed this plugin, please let mij know, spil time is an kwestie. Thanks. Jordan

A client is asking for help migrating their classical Sharepoint solution to the Modern Sharepoint look. They also have a long set of requirements to switches which also needs to be met. I estimate the project to be inbetween 100 and 200 hours. But this is something I need to discuss with the right Freelancer. To be able to qualify you need to be a SharePoint-expert and also have practice from an.

Is anyone have clone of a popular crypto exchange toneel with wallet, peer to peer, fiat to crypto features te webstek, WebApp, Ios and Android. Pls send mij your demo your work and wij will futher discuss. Long term custom-made job. I will need to see a functional exchange toneelpodium. Please don’t bidding if you never created an crypto exchange toneelpodium

I need a fresh webstek. I need you to vormgeving and build a webstek for my petite business. I need a b. puny business. I need a bitcoin exchange webstek. I don’t want to build my own cryptocurrency. I just need a webstek where a user can come te and exchange btc or eth to fiat or another crypto currency. Not an open market that holds users funds

I will like to Migrate classic ASP Web Services to MVC Application through the services of an experienced .Televisiekanaal Developer. Freelancer voorwaarde have proven practice of this type of migration.

Is anyone have clone of a popular crypto exchange toneelpodium, 2FA, SMS, email, Payment Integration. peer to peer, fiat to crypto features ter WebApp, Ios and Android. I hope I don’t need to tell the requirements. I would expect to have all the features of top Three exchanges.

. compliant gateway operations What is the product Te addition to supporting their own Sways tokens, thousands of other kinds of tokens, and cryptocurrencies they also support fiat money You are able to transfer funds to other people and take advantage of the high-level security on this toneel You have the capability to make custom-made tokens and launch your

. KYC verification by admin should go after coinbase like [login to view URL] to be transferwise like -Market, Limit, Zekering Loss trading with BTC and ETH (USD, EURO,GBP), crypto &lt,-&gt,fiat, fiat &lt,-&gt, crypto, BTC&lt,-&gt,ETH, x% exchange toverfee adjustable ter db. however vormgeving UI and backend should have provision to add more coins ter future debit, credit, handelsbank deposit, (payment

I am a furniture designer not a graphic designer and need some h. designer and need some help creating a logo for: &quot,Quality Outdoor Living&quot, See fastened for my very first stab at it. I want it to look: – Clean – Modern – Effortless to read – Classic Luxury – Need High Res PNG – Include a depth-impact version turn around time is 12 hours Thank you

. 000 Tokens after the STO 1.12.2018 which can be sold spil soon they are listed on any exchange. Avisor can bill anytime his service / time, the billed amount will be paid ter FIAT, but 1:1 ter Euro diminished from the token budget. For example: Advisor bills Five.500 USD = Four.665 EUR // he get’s 35.335 Token then after the STO. – Agrees to be listet on our webstek

I need you to build [login to view URL] a payment gateway to integrate the lugar payment gateways for the country to pay the country’s fiat currency for the suitable Bitcoin amount from BISQ. BISQ is a decentralized Bitcoin exchange. The broker voorwaarde be able to set the payout wallet address of the user. The admin voorwaarde be able to set the broker’s commission

I want a professional and creative designer who can vormgeving a logo for our startup IT Solution and Education company. This company is INNOSOFT MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGIES. i want a logo that can be a brand, and that can be use anywhere, e-g t-shirt crest, ANYWHERE.

more refined requirements will be developed and then sent. similar to [login to view URL] and other money transfer with bitcoin provide. then sent. similar to [login to view URL] and other money transfer with bitcoin providers AND exchange of Bitcoin and Ethereum. a broker solution may have to be built for payment of fiat currency to bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies

The scope of the project is spil goes after: To vormgeving a Fiat Padmini for a mini fucktoy from Raster photos. I am affixing a few photos of the car within this email so you understand which car wij will be working on. Would request you to feel free to download pics off the internet for your reference to use them spil raster pictures for designing. The things

. KYC verification by admin should go after coinbase like [login to view URL] to be transferwise like -Market, Limit, Zekering Loss trading with BTC and ETH (USD, EURO,GBP), crypto &lt,-&gt,fiat, fiat &lt,-&gt, crypto, BTC&lt,-&gt,ETH, x% exchange toverfee adjustable te db. however vormgeving UI and backend should have provision to add more coins te future debit, credit, canap deposit, (payment

. any web applications, into Magento2 (can you do any Magento2 development?) 6 Capability to set destination address, commission for that address to be charged from the paymemt fiat amount OR SET Te ADMIN To a percentage of to purchased crypto to the admin address 7 Capability to purchase coins from the BISQ NETWORK (Bisq is a decentlized exchange) 8 Capability

Dropshipping solution needed. Wij need a fully customised and ready to operate shopping portal wit. option to add our cryptocurrency ter addition to the USD pricing shown. Please see [login to view URL] for reference where ONE currency is shown te addition to the main pricing ter Fiat currency. A solution based on proven technology and playmates is preferred.

Title : Lossless picture compression for a Web Application Problem: Wij have about Trio Million Pictures spread across numerous directories on a windows 2012. voorwaarde be: 1) Accesible with photo compression and optimisation for the web. Two) An pro ter developing console applications that run on WIN2012 servers Three) Natural with IIS and Classic ASP technologies.

I need you to develop some software for mij. I would like this software to be developed for Linux using PHP. Hello, I have classic asp system I want to switch with codeigniter.

I have an old classic ASP online shop that I need help converting to PHP. I’ve began the conversion but don’t have time to learn more PHP and finish the project. There is one primary pagina &quot,[login to view URL]&quot, that treats displaying the various products. There is also a search engine pagina to be converted. The [login to view URL] opstopping might have to be adjusted

. doing any programmer related work (mining pools, blockchain explorer, bugs, improvements). If wij hire YOU, you will be paid te fiat currency ($), afterwards, te % share of the coin being built, or if you want to be rigorously fiat, wij can also do that. More can be explained and discussed ter private. Only serious programmer will be accepted after cautiously

Wij are looking for someone who can suggest ideas for content creation, write articles and get them featured te papers and online blogs etc. PR services basica. online blogs etc. PR services basically. Please share with us some of your practice and articles you got featured This will be potentially a month by month gig, payment ter fiat and tokens.

. soon, and to raise funds wij are selling our tokens. Wij want to achieve the following: – Our token pulvínulo value is based on FIAT, 1 USD = 1 token. – Our investors can purchase our token using different currency (crypto/fiat) – 1 token is always based on 1 USD. The brainy contract(s) voorwaarde be able to do the following: – Keep track of the investors

Hi, please read all the details and be sure you match and respect all criteria! I’m looking for English to Arabic (classic) translators ter furnitures and vormgeving industry. Long term project, big quantity of descriptions to translate, brief deadlines. Price : 0.005&euro,/word (Dual zero after the comma, not negotiable!). Payment every 15 days +/-. Before

Hello, Looking for practice crypto exchange developer who has work practice ter wallet creation and crypto currency exchange, fiat currency exchange similair to [login to view URL] will need intergation to bitcoin wallet creation webstek like [login to view URL] or [login to view URL] and to credit card processing providers through api , After client puts

I need a webstek with fiat and blockchain wallet integration. I would like my company coin also. I would like to work with good team those already worked on similar project.

Looking for practice crypto exchange developer who has work practice te wallet creation and crypto currency exchange, fiat currency exchange & knot setup with VPS server. Crypto currency should be Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Specie, Ripple & ERC20 tokens(Artis, EOS, Tron) etc. Please apply if only if you have past practice only.

Experienced and professional developer or team to develop a Crypto Exchange and Trading Portal. Fiat & Crypto both. Time framework 1-1.Five Months.

wij need a fresh logo because wij will switch our company name. Wij sell preserved roses spil a bounty 1. Logo Name: flowers very first Two. Tagline/Slogan: but flowers very first / flowers very first – the best way to share feelings Trio. Color You Choose For Your Vormgeving: crimson white black Four. Description of your Vormgeving/Company: wij sell preseved roses, so if you will use flowers it can only made with roses this is our produc.

. supported currencies te your proposal. Just to make sure you have actually read the schrijven. – Deposit / withdraw te many different crypto currency. – Exhqnge any crypto/crypto crypto/fiat pair Project requirements: – Overview – Services breakdown and descriptions – Tópico market size and competition research strength/weakness – Best/worst screenplay financial projection

fresh classic reception ter mansoura city

I need to get a Crypto Currency Exchange developed with Fiat deposits and withdrawals. Something like Coinbase and Gdax. With extra features te it.

Hello wij are running Peatio on our exchange and need to make a few switches and tweaks. 1] Switching bid and ask fees , editing the Fiat withdrawal toverfee .Switching currency ,Editing canap details on the exchange,Substituting the Flag Two]Removing a certain coin, adding the following coins to the exchanger BITCOINCASH ,XRP,XMR,ZEC Money will be released after

. to an exchange like a coinbase for service provider liquidity settlement (or other exchange option) created and integrated into the IOS app so that users of the app can earn fiat, and digital assets and convert and pay with my native token by completing any services/task with my OnDemand app. Also adding an escrow account or milestone or smartcontract

. com API for my webstek. The programmer vereiste be fluent te Classic ASP, PHP, and API skill. The programmer vereiste be have his own IIS to test the scripts. The [login to view URL] scripts are all written te PHP and they need to be converted into Classic ASP to work alongside my webstek. Three classic asp files will need to be created. [login to view URL] This

. on Larval podium. (Two) Five Coin integration to start with- BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and Ripple (Trio) E-Wallet- Crypto & Fiat (Four) Fiat Deposit & Withdrawal integration. Means Exchange/Trade inbetween Crypto to Crypto spil well spil Fiat to Crypto. Fiat– 1 Currency. (Five) UI/UX of the webpagina has to be very Modern e.g. Plane/Material Vormgeving. Specimen UI to follow- IQ Option

. te Brazil, so when you type the licence plate of the voertuig, thesis service comes back some information about it like thesis below. EXAMPLE INPUT: CAC-7088 OUTPUT: CAC-7088 FIAT/UNO ELETRONIC, VERMELHA, 1995/1995, PASSAGEIRO, SAO PAULO – SP Chassi: ************18110 Sem restri&ccedil,&atilde,o The service is called PLACABOT, so you can test it. What i need is

. witnesses with the spirit of vintage sports cars. Wij would love some more photos of our premiere see – the CMXI, te a setting together with a classic Porsche (older 911,912,365 or other). The more exotic the classic Porsche and location the better. Wij&acute,re open for all creative suggestions that would voorkant this from you photographers. Both detail shots and

pls use th. output should have all Four angles, vuurlijn, rear, right, left Need creative designers for a contest Fiat 500 vormgeving pls submit mockups hum words to use on your vormgeving –Fiat 500 S4 1.Two Fire -power fm -italian city car –500: All eyes on mij –500 is always 500 -A smile that has become an icon extra informatie : Car very first Launched ter July, Nineteen.

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