Easiest Way to Sell Bitcoin to PayPal, Patrick Keane

Easiest Way to Sell Bitcoin to PayPal, Patrick Keane

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Sell Bitcoin to PayPal? How is this possible?

This is the accomplish guide to selling your Bitcoin to PayPal with 15% markup and converting your Bitcoins to USD or locorregional currency te your PayPal account.

There are other guides showcasing how to sell Bitcoins to PayPal, but none of them discuss how to sell at a 15% markup to the current market price of Bitcoin.

This is a fine method of cashing out from:

  • Coinbase to PayPal
  • Gdax to PayPal
  • Poloniex to PayPal
  • Losbreken to PayPal
  • Offline cold storage wallet to Paypal
  • Bitcoin to canap account – via PayPal

Guide Summary

  1. Go to xCoins

You can then use the funds te your PayPal account spil usual, for online purchases or metselspecie out to your bankgebouw account.

Steps 1-3 take perhaps 15-20 minutes to finish. Steps Four -6 are fully automated.

1. Go to xCoins

xCoins describes itself spil a secured P2P Bitcoin lending service. It’s more accurate to describe it spil a place to sell Bitcoin at a markup (from the sellers’ point of view)

Two. Open an account

Click “sign up” on the top right palm corner:

Pack out your name, email, agree to terms of use and confirm that you’re not a androide:

Copy and paste the email confirmation code, sent to your inbox:

Inject “3fscfw” into the promotional code opbergruimte (optional):

Inject a password:

Select your country (and state, if necessary):

Come in a phone number. This is used to confirm withdrawals for security reasons. It’s a very significant feature to protect your Bitcoin cómputo:

Trio. Verbinding your xCoins account to PayPal wallet and select your settings for buyers.

Select “Lend Bitcoin” ter the main menukaart. Click the green plus icon:

Come in your email address that you use with your PayPal account:

You may need to verify this te your email inbox.

Four. Transfer your Bitcoin to your xCoins wallet

Budge your mouse cursor overheen “My Wallet” ter the menukaart, and click “Deposit Bitcoin”. Copy the wallet address (long string of text):

Go to your Bitcoin wallet – you may have Bitcoin at an exchange such spil Coinbase, Kritiseren, Poloniex or an offline wallet on a pc or USB drive. Send a petite amount of Bitcoin very first to the address you just copied from above, to test that everything works correctly! When the very first transaction shows up ter the xCoins wallet, feel free to deposit spil much spil you like.

Note: due to the delays presently being experienced on the Bitcoin blockchain, the deposit will likely take at least 30-40 minutes to show up te your xCoins wallet. This is nothing to do with xCoins, it affects all users of the Bitcoin blockchain. Don’t worry, it will arrive eventually.

Next, you need adjust the settings which affect what kinds of buyers can actually purchase your Bitcoin. Below is a screenshot with my settings, feel free to adjust according to your own risk appetite. Be aware that Rating refers to the number of times a buyer has used xCoins – so 1 = 1 very first time buyer (higher potential for PayPal disputes or chargebacks), Two = 2nd time buyer (much lower risk), and so on.

Steps Five and 6 – waiting for your Bitcoin to be sold and receiving USD or nave currency from the Bitcoin sale into your PayPal account are entirely automated.

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  1. fh1217 says:

    Well they talent us a month long warning “If you want to access BTH, stir your coins” so the onus is on us. Maybe wij Coin Colchoneta’rs get an Xmas present. ( BTH is up 30% spil I write this)

  2. claire223 says:

    Coinbase should take this spil a learning practice going forward.

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