Linux Networking: Add a Network Interface Card (NIC)

Linux Networking: Add a Network Interface Card (NIC)

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Typically an Ethernet network interface is built-in to most modern motherboards. Some laptop systems, especially server systems, are tooled with two network interfaces built-in to the motherboard. Extra interfaces can be installed te toegevoegd PCI expansion slots.

Typical Ethernet NIC PCI card

Attempt the instruction lspci -vv to see if the hardware is detected decently, and which kernel module (if any) is being assigned:

or more specifically lspci -vv | grep Ethernet

The network configuration implements and network configuration files are different for Ubuntu/Debian vs Crimson Hat/Fedora based systems.

The following instructions will embark, zekering or restart networking:

  • sudo /etc/init.d/networking commence
  • sudo /etc/init.d/networking zekering
  • sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

Ubuntu GUI network configuration device: /usr/bin/gnome-nettool (apt-get install gnome-nettool)

One can also configure Ubuntu systems by adding entries to the configuration verkeersopstopping:

Dynamic IP: Static IP: Address and netmask are required. The system can calculate defaults for the other values.

DNS configuration will be required te /etc/resolv.conf. For this and other networking configurations see the YoLinux Networking tutorial.

The most elementary method of configuring Crimson Hat based distributions is by using the console based GUI contraption:

Both static and dynamic configurations can be set. If configuring for DHCP, go to that line and pres the space tapkast. An asterisk “*” will show up to voorstelling that this option has bot selected.

After device configuration, the fresh device will voorstelling up ter the list.

The addition and configuration of the fresh Ethernet device will generate the fresh verkeersopstopping:

See /usr/share/doc/initscripts-*/sysconfig.txt for the explanation of all options.

The guideline ifup eth1 and ifdown eth1 are used to bring the fresh Ethernet interface card into service or offline.


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