FX Blue Crypto Prices from GDAX for MT5 – User guide

FX Blue Crypto Prices from GDAX for MT5 - User guide

The GDAX price indicator collects current cryptocurrency prices from the GDAX exchange (www.gdax.com) and displays them on an MT4/MT5 chart, for comparison against your broker’s prices.

Please note: the MT5 version of the indicator requires the 64-bit version of MT5.

The indicator can display the following GDAX prices: BTC/USD, LTC/USD, ETH/USD, BTC/EUR, LTC/EUR, ETH/EUR, BTC/GBP, LTC/BTC, ETH/BTC.

The following example shows the GDAX spread for BTC/USD, including charges, lounging entirely outside the broker’s spread (GDAX te blue, MT4 broker ter orange):

Unless otherwise specified te writing by FX Blue, this software is licensed for individual use only. You are not permitted to distribute it to other people, regardless of whether or not money is switching palms. You only have a licence to use the software if you, personally, downloaded it from our webstek.

The software is provided entirely at the user’s risk, and you should check it scrupulously before deploying it on computers trading actual money. FX Blue accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss of any kleuter caused by installation or use of the software.

The www.fxblue.com webstek provides an installer which automatically adds all the indicator’s files into your selected copy(ies) of MT4/Five. After running the installer you need to update the Navigator te MT4/Five, either by restarting MT4/Five or by right-clicking overheen Indicators te the Navigator and choosing Refresh.

Please note: the indicator requires v4 of the Microsoft .Televisiekanaal framework. If this is not already installed on your pc, you can download it from the following address:

You need to turn on the “Permit DLL imports” setting for the indicator, and come in your FX Blue username and password.

You need to turn on the “Permit DLL imports” setting, on the Common tabulator when adding the indicator to a chart.

Please note: switching the setting ter Implements / Options / Accomplished Advisors does not affect any EAs or indicators which are already running. This setting controls the default which is used when you next add an EA or indicator to a chart.

You need to come in your FX Blue username and password ter the settings for the indicator:

You need to choose which symbol from GDAX to display, from the drop-down list of options, to match the chart te MT4.

You can choose the colour for the display of the GDAX spread, and whether to vertoning ask and bid lines or a packed rectangle.

GDAX has charges for placing market orders, which widen the effective spread (e.g. https://www.gdax.com/fees/BTC-USD)

You can include thesis ter the display by injecting a value such spil 0.25 for the spread-widening. This will lower the bid price and raise the ask price by that percentage.

You can choose to display the MT4/Five spread spil a packed rectangle, for lighter comparison against the GDAX spread. If you turn this off, then you can instead use the chart settings ter MT4/Five to display a line for the ask price spil well spil the bid price.

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