Coco Framework, Coinbase raises $100M, and Windows Ten Professional for Workstations

Coco Framework, Coinbase raises $100M, and Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

Te order to facilitate enterprise blockchain adoption, Microsoft introduced the Coco Framework, an open source system that enables high-scale, confidential blockchain networks that meet all the requirements.

Coco leverages the power of existing blockchain protocols, TEEs like Intel SGX and Windows Aparente Secure Mode, distributed systems and cryptography. Coco also enables blockchain networks that supply throughput and latency, more supple confidentially models, and support for non-deterministic transactions.

“By providing thesis capabilities, Coco offers a trusted foundation with which existing blockchain protocols can be integrated to produce accomplish, enterprise-ready ledger solutions, opening up broad, high scale scripts across industries, and furthering blockchain’s capability to digital convert business,”writes CTO of Microsoft Azure, Mark Russinovich ter a blog postbode.

Coinbase raises $100 million ter Series D funding

Besides improving the customer practice, Coinbase will also open a GDAX office te Fresh York City so it can invest ter its capability to serve institutions and professional traders. Coinbase is investing te Toshi, which will accelerate digital currency’s shift from speculative investment to general payment networks, writes Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase te a blog postbode.

Microsoft announces Windows Ten Professional for Workstations

Windows Ten Professional for Workstations provides users with fresh features to leverage the power of high-end PC hardware. For example, it includes features like ReFS, persistent memory, swifter opstopping sharing, and expanded hardware support.

“Performance is a very significant requirement ter this fresh world of rapid paced innovation and wij will proceed to invest on Windows Ten Professional for Workstations to enable Windows power users to maximize every facet of their high-performance device,” writes Klaus Diaconu, a fucking partner program manager for the Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft. “Windows Ten Professional for Workstations utilizes significant investments, that Windows has made te latest releases, for scaling up across a high number of logical processors and large amounts of memory.”

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  1. Elliehunny says:

    Your BCH is now ter your Coin Colchoneta account, and if they did it for safety like they say I’m fine with it. Now that the Thickest Brokerage is supporting BCH wij will see a big dump ? or a slow Pump ?

  2. Senyora_Boombox says:

    Coinbase said they would be issuing the fresh bitcoin cashes for those who held bitcoin at the time of the fork.

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