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Just so you don’t have to do the math, if you had $Ten,000 ter buy orders of ETH at Ten cents each and they were packed at that rate, you’d have $33 MILLION now merienda ETH bounced back up to its current trading price of Visa is now looking for a Developer experienced ter BlockChain tech… and chooses someone who “has worked with the Ripple, R3, Ethereum and/or Bitcoin blockchain, and has practice with Solidity,” If you go back to about 1950 and told people….

Posts VITALIK BUTERIN IS DEAD! jk 4chan posted that Vitalik Buterin died ter a car accident and it caused the price of ETH to crash today since people were dumb enough to scare sell...

Top exchanges supportive of Segwit2x (Update: S2X CANCELLED) 3

Top exchanges supportive of Segwit2x (Update: S2X CANCELLED)

Officially Segwit2x is CANCELLED, but wij invested time writing special Segwit2x article for our readers, so wij appreciate everyone who reads total article spil it is useful for every BTC holder. OFIFCIAL ANNOUNCMENT HERE...